20 People wrote to us:
  1. Iber thank you so much!!! Your service was amazing ! He helped me right away and gave me top notch service !!!! I should be back to get my car fixed after he gave me my estimate I definitely don’t want to go anywhere else ! He was speedy and his communication about everything was on point !!! Best place I have been too so far and I needed 2 estimates from 3 different places , they are numero uno to go back to!

    April 26, 2015
  2. I highly recommend Monroy’s Collision Repair! They did an excellent job painting my new Audi after the passenger door was keyed. One of the owners let me choose from a variety of different colors/paints and even explained the entire process to me. I chose a pearly white color, which I thought was way better than the original color. Their prices are affordable and the staff is awesome and very friendly!

    May 1, 2015
  3. I recently was in a minor accident (me vs. parking curb) and needed some work done. All of the staff here were very professional. The estimator (Mr. Iber) walked me through everything visually and then quoted me a very workable rate. I filed it through insurance and received calls throughout the week with my status. I was also able to get a great car rental through them and the rental was on site. When I got my car back, I was very pleased because they did an amazing job on the front bumper. I will most definitely go through them for any work needed on my honda.

    Very professional!

    May 2, 2015
  4. My work car got hit in a parking lot. I came to get an estimate for the fleet car company. I was treated very nicely. Iber is a great guy and helped me get a rental car on site. Monroy’s Collision Repair communicated consistently and made sure I was in the loop through the repair process.

    I will definitely refer anyone in need of auto body repair.

    July 2, 2015
  5. Very pleased with this auto body shop! They did great work and were easy to deal with!

    July 12, 2015
  6. My insurance company referred me to this auto body shop after my parked car was hit in the parking lot, at work, the other week. The staff here are extremely friendly and helpful. Mike even agreed to come in, prior to the shop opening, so I could make it work on time. I greatly appreciated that!
    They did an excellent job fixing my car. My front bumper had to be replaced, so my car was in the shop for about 6 days (which included the weekend). My car looked brand new after I picked it up! I haven’t had any issues since having my car back.
    Overall, I’m very pleased with their work and customer service. I highly recommend taking your car or truck to this body shop if your car needs work!

    August 8, 2015
  7. Excellent work, impeccable service. I didn’t have to worry about a thing, just dropped off the car, they gave me updates and went through the whole process stress free. Later had to get some additional work done and they delivered the car to my workplace so I wouldn’t have to take time off. Couldn’t ask for more.

    August 8, 2015
  8. A complete moron hit me going 70mph on the freeway, called my insurance company, requested I go back to Monroy’s Collision Repair and I was not disappointed the second time. Professional, personable, knowledgeable and friendly. Five stars again!

    September 2, 2015
  9. GREAT service. My brand new car was in an accident, and my insurance company referred me to these guys and I’m glad they did. Iber helped me out a lot, he was friendly and made my car even better than before. Not only do they give you complete updates daily. I highly recommend these guys, especially if you are a Veteran like myself. I will be referring them to everyone I know. Thanks again!!

    September 26, 2015
    Have used them before, was impressed then… Second time, consistently AWESOME!

    First time, was a small bump in the side of the van door.
    The second time, Nate was rear-ended, and there was quite a bit of damage to the back of his blazer. These guys were so easy to work with, quick, efficient, and most of all thorough.

    Not only did they fix the damage, but they helped us get a couple tweaks out.

    The staff is super friendly, they make you feel welcome and they are all about customer service!

    October 9, 2015
  11. ove is like playing the piano.
    First you must learn to play by the rules,
    then you must forget the rules
    and play from your heart.

    October 17, 2015
  12. I had a great experience with Iber and his team. I found everyone professional, considerate, and working with a sense of urgency! Iber did the estimate, called me a rental car, and kept me updated with everything.

    He did all the paperwork and kept things very easy for me. I would highly recommend this place for any car repairs.

    October 26, 2015
  13. Great service! Someone dented my car, and Monroy’s was able to fix it. Real easy and simple. And so glad to see its a family business! Iber & his team are so friendly! Will definitely be coming back!

    November 11, 2015
  14. My first time going there I felt the perfect customer service they have. I met the Iber and he took care of the business for my car. He listened to my concerns and he helped me and gave me good advice. Everybody else was focused on each customers they had.
    After the car was done, it was so perfect and nice as if it didn’t get hit. They cleaned and vacuum my car before handing the keys to me. Now my car isn’t just fix and looking good as new, but its clean too!
    I completely recommend this shop for a better, professional, best outcome for any collision damages.

    November 20, 2015
  15. All I have to say is amazing! Amazing customer service which is hard to come by. This company didn’t see us as another car insurance case, but really took the time to address my concerns, delt with my insurance company, and made my car look even better then before my accident. The quality of work is outstanding! This place really made a very stressful experience turn into a very relaxed situation. Thank you to all the people in the shop and a big thank you to all the office staff, what a great company.

    November 26, 2015
  16. Iber and his team have worked on two of our cars over the years and both times he has done a wonderful job! He’s thoughtful, careful and takes the time and energy to get the job right the first time.

    Hopefully I never have to use him again…but, if needed, he’s my “go to” body shop!

    December 6, 2015
  17. Great customer service. Easy process, and they got my car all fixed up. They even priced it out for me to pay out of pocket versus a claim to my insurance. This the place to go if you need your car put back together.

    December 20, 2015
  18. I arrived at Monroy’s Collision Repair after a colleague told me to check them out. I couldn’t be happier!

    It’s rare to see some honesty and, you surely see it here in the manner with which Iber conducts his business.
    I’ve had my AC belt fixed here, oil change, body work, windows fixed and the list is endless. Iber is prompt, really ELABORATES on what could be wrong with your car, and tries to save your money for you.

    By all means, I recommend these guys!!! They are awesome!!

    January 26, 2016
  19. Excellent customer service, Iber truly cares about his customers. Very knowledgeable and friendly. I would definitely come back again : )

    February 3, 2016
  20. I unfortunately experienced a hit-and-run, which left the rear right door of my car horrendously mangled and unbearable to look at. After calling the incident in to AAA, they directed me to Monroy’s Collision Repair

    Iber at Monroy’s Collision Repair was very accommodating, polite, and attentive from the start. He walked me through his game plan, offering me various options on whether or not I’d like a specific action to be taken. After I handed the car over to him, he would call me every few days to keep me updated on my car’s progress. He even told me over the phone that he had an added surprise for me!

    In the end, my car came out looking brand new on the inside as well as the outside. He surprised me by fixing a few things that were there before the accident for free just because he said I was so nice and understanding! I’d definitely recommend Monroy’s to any of my friends. Iber takes his time on your car and gives it the attention it deserves!

    February 17, 2016

What Our Customers Say?

  • I will definitely go back but hope I don't have to.

    Greg R.
    Special thanks to Iber for making it an easy process for the insurance claim. He gave me all the information I needed upfront. Car ready on time as promised. This shop is courteous and helpful and made the whole process enjoyable! Thank you Monroys Collision Repair!!  
  • So satisfied with their work. GREAT JOB!

    Sarah D.
    Costumer Service: 100% Quality of Repair: 100% Completion Time: 100% on time Repair Price: 100% Reasonable My Smile Seeing My Fixed Car: PRICELESS Over a week ago, I was in a 3-car collision, where I was in the unfortunate position - the middle. So, both my rear bumpers were wrecked. I was very upset, as would anyone in my position. I set an appointment at Monroy's Collision Repair expecting the worst - a month in the shop, rude people, and inflated prices for the repairs. Although, I ended up not paying anything since the accident was not my fault, Iber provided me with a detailed estimate of all the parts that needed replacement, I was surprised because the rates was reasonable. I was very impressed with their service and the kindness of their staff, especially Iber, who explained all the repairs in detail and the process of the repairs as well. I would 100% recommend Monroy's Collision Repair as your first choice when your car needs any repairs. You can be sure that your car is well taken care and given quality work.  
  • I give them 5 stars!

    Angela M.
    I am very satisfied with the service and repair. They are true to their word.